H.G.Shah Memorial Trust is one of the well known and renowned Trusts of Jamnagar District. The main aim of this Trust is to provide education and basic health care facilities to the lower class people without any discrimination of class and caste, within the purview of Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950.

This Trust was registered in the year 1968 under the Bombay Public Trust Act. The registration number for the same is E-165 and is located in Jamnagar of Gujarat State in India.

The formation of H.G.Shah Trust took place after the following incident:
This is at the time of British rule, before Independence of India. Late Shri Gokaldas D. Shah and his wife Navallben G. Shah resided in a small village named "Khilos" of a princely district Jamnagar in Gujarat State. At that time there was lack of awareness for education and proper health care amongst people. During 1900-1950 A.D. there were no proper schools formed in small villages of Jamnagar. Therefore Gokaldas Shah and his ancestors could not get proper education. They barely had basic knowledge of reading, writing and counting on finger tips. Though Gokaldas Shah being a wise and intelligent man realised the importance of education through his business and industrial activities in Jamnagar. There he sent his two sons and grandsons abroad for good educational qualifications.

But his younger son Hasmukh G. Shah while travelling to U.S.A. died in an unfortunate plane crash over Mount alps., Swizerland in 1966. This unfortunate incident inspired the couple i.e Gokadas Shah and Navallben Shah as well as the family members to provide education, medical care and other welfare services to the people of the society and especially to the poor and needy ones.

This gave rise to H.G.Shah Trust with the hope that it will fulfill their dream. And fortunately it did and is doing better day by day with their blessings.

The present school building is located in the prime place of Jamnagar , donated by Navallben Shah. Where as previous management was planning to shut down the same. Trust took over the management and administration of the school in the year 1968-69.

Many changes took place after this trust took over the management and administration of the school. The trust increased number of classes in the school, recruited well educated and devoted principal and teachers. More care towards health and hygiene was provided. All of these resulted into better performance of students, which showed up during exams. The board exam results boosted from 22% to more than 60% and currently the scores have reached up to 80%. Therefore the students of this trust are ranking amongst top 10 all over the Jamnagar district during board exams.

To create excellent leadership by imparting quality education at affordable rate.

To open new technological under graduate faculties.